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17 Dec 2015

Valkenburg office by STOL Architecten

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Building in the Netherlands for consultant LIMES International has no obvious front or back to make the most of views over the river

STOL Architecten has created an imposing new office for LIMES International, a cross-border business advisor based in the Netherlands.

The bold, monolithic building in the south-eastern town of Valkenburg houses office space, meeting rooms and a restaurant. The structure appears to be placed on a glass plinth, giving the illusion that it is hovering in place. The exterior is finished with tiles in various shades of grey, arranged around staggered window openings. A few large windows have protruding wood frames - innovative interruptions to the otherwise generic architectural aesthetic.

The building was designed with no obvious front or rear facade, to make the most of views over the river and town through large, rectangular, wood-framed windows. “LIMES International specified a spacious office building that could easily accommodate any future changes or expansions and had an open and inviting atmosphere,” explains Chris Warmenhoven, partner in STOL, about the brief. “With this in mind, we opted for an abstract design and modern shaped building.”

The inside was designed alongside interior architect, Ciomé. The light-filled central atrium features white walls, light wooden floors and stainless steel. A number of staircases cross the space at unusual, asymmetric angles, to create a striking feature – giving views into the workspaces. Frosted glass treads and stainless steel handrails are in keeping with the rest of the interior.

“The staircases have been carefully positioned to frame a statement light feature,” says Cornelis van Vlastuin, creative director of stair specialist EeStairs. “The combination of the cascading light feature and the staircases add to the feeling of buoyancy that the building exudes.”

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