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28 May 2015

Comment: Cultural shift necessary for BIM to work

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Cultural shift required for BIM to work says UKCW speaker

“BIM is the enabler for collaboration,” says Dr David Heesom, an expert in the field of this advanced way of modelling at the University of Wolverhampton, ahead of his appearance at October’s UK Construction Week.

While the technology is available, he says, the next big issue in getting the various stakeholder in the architecture, design and construction supply chain to work effectively together is a cultural one.

“One of the major things that’s happening is that a younger generation is coming through who are more used to collaborating at work.” The theme of the collaborative nature of educational spaces influencing new starters’ attitudes to work is one onoffice has seen more and more.

Heesom continues, “The other thing is the Web 2.0 way of thinking.” Tech-savvy young people entering architecture in a generation are likely to consider using BIM as second nature as browsing the web. As for whether it will restore architects’ position in the pecking order of deciding how buildings get built, Heesom is less sure. “I’m not sure it’s a case of architects becoming master builders but what BIM will mean is getting better data so that everyone can work more efficiently.”

Joining Heesom in the debate on how different disciplines can work smarter on the main stage on Thursday 8 October at 14:00 is Simon Murray from the Institution of Civil Engineers.

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