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08 May 2015

LinkedIn blocks Google – speaking architecturally

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BIG and Heatherwick’s ‘office of the future’ for Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters could become a relic of the past before it even gets off the ground.

The local city council has voted to give the tech giant just a quarter of the land it requested for the new “Googleplex”.  The majority of the space allocated for its proposed office has been handed to its online and offline neighbour LinkedIn, which has been awarded 140,000sq m of space – almost three times Google’s measly plot.

The two starchitects proposed to tear down part of Google’s existing campus and replace it with a series of translucent domed structures containing modular interiors. However, its current allocation would only accommodate one of these.

Meanwhile, if Google’s bricks and mortar Ethernet battle isn’t sci-fi enough, rumours suggest the search-engine company’s new home will be built by an army of robot-crane hybrids.

“We have studied different options to create a lightweight, flexible ‘hackable’ system for the building of the interior structures,” Google stated in its submission report according to one publication.

“Our objective is to create a solution that can be assembled efficiently and economically within the pre-erected canopy structures by means of small, easily manoeuvrable cranes.”

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