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19 Dec 2014

Carefully disguised as university buildings, museums, egg-shaped beach huts and mixed-use office buildings, they're lurking in our midst. MAD architects designing a museum for the director of Star Wars – could there be a bigger clue? Or maybe onoffice has been at the mulled wine. Beam us up Scotty. 

All hail the mothership


Santiago Calatrava's Innovation, Science + Technology Building, Florida Polytechnic University

Status: completed


A surreal sight beneath the Northern Lights


Waterstudio's Krystal Hotel, floating off the coast of Norway

Set for completion in 2017


Alien spaceship disguised as mixed-use office building


TheeAe's Cube Biometric Centre, Hong Kong

Status: completed


Spacecraft most like a cycle helmet


Zaha Hadid's Alwakrah Stadium, Qatar

Status: set for completion in 2022


Landing on the Yoon


Yoon Space Design's Albang egg beach huts, South Korea

Status: completed


This is ground control to Major Tom


Atelier 8000's kežmarské hut, Slovakia

Status: competition entry


Crystal maze for the 21st century


NBBJ's Amazon HQ, Seattle

Status: approved




BIG's extension to Audemar Pignet's HQ, Switzerland

Status: completed


Flying saucer or silver donut?


Foster + Partner's £5m Apple campus, Cupertino

Status: set for completion in 2016


Mad prepares for the Return of the Jedi


MAD's George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Chicago

Status: On hold 

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