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The Oval by Atkins||
The Oval by Atkins
02 Jul 2013

The Oval by Atkins

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Atkins has been granted planning permission for The Oval, a landmark office building in Limassol, Cyprus. Inspired by pebbles found on the nearby beach, the building’s distinctive shape is designed to maximise sea views, natural light and cross ventilation. The north and south façades are double glazed with south-facing verandas shading each level to reduce solar gain, while the east and west sides are wrapped in a conventional rain screen cladding, forming the curved outer casing. This is part of the sustainable building envelope, designed to prioritise climate control and energy efficiency. 

The building is located in the heart of Limassol’s business district, and dramatically contrasts its surroundings. A flexible open-plan interior allows for a number of internal configurations, aiming to optimise space and create a cost efficient location for businesses.


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