Dainelli Studio takes its Milanese office to the dark side

The design studio's elegant workspace in the heart of Brera's Via Fatebenefratelli captures the essence of Italian style

29 January 2021

Take a sip and a seat at this minimalist coffee shop in Dubai

Drop Coffee’s second location takes inspiration from the roasting process of the humble coffee bean

28 January 2021

A modern co-working space centred around a village square concept

Studio Tate's communal spaces for a prestigious Australian school set out to rework elements of the traditional village square into something quite new.

25 January 2021

Buckley Gray Yeoman breathe new life into an 80s office building in Clerkenwell

The Shoreditch-based architecture practice brings a pop of colour to London's creative hub as Panagram opens its doors

21 January 2021

From the Archive: Studio Edwards insert steel-framed pods into warehouse office

In re-configuring a warehouse shell into an office space, this design offers an adaptable solution. 

21 January 2021

Ste. Marie’s Onni Group HQ prioritises movement and flexibility

The HQ was inspired by the Austrian architect Hans Hollein's Mobile Office concept

18 January 2021

Open Society Foundations’ new workspace focuses on a holistic approach to wellbeing

tp bennett injects character into the organisation’s London office

15 January 2021

From the Archive: A look inside Louis Poulsen’s Copenhagen headquarters

When Louis Poulsen moved its headquarters to a historic naval quarter of Copenhagen, the Danish lighting company’s focus was on maximising brightness and a sense of space in a solid 18th century quayside building

14 January 2021

Studio Besau-Marguerre teams up with Vitra to design WorkLifeSpace in Hamburg’s Apartimentum

The Hamburg-based studio developed an innovate design concept for a new work-life space in Germany's future-living Apartimentum

13 January 2021

Tarkett’s iQ Surface adds to the creative flair of AD Spain’s Madrid office

Designed by Estudio Reciente, Architectural Digest's revamped workspace features plenty of colour and a fully recyclable floor

12 January 2021

Pallavi Dean’s Roar studio puts wellness and digital features at the core of McKinsey & Company’s new office in Doha

Dubai-based studio Roar has completed the interior design of McKinsey & Company’s new Qatar office

7 January 2021

Interesting Projects creates a colourful office space full of contrasts for creative agency in Bristol

The design team behind last year’s high profile Keith Haring Tate Liverpool exhibition has created a vibrant agency space that’s bursting with colour, contrasts and curves

6 January 2021

Karnik Gallery curates art display at 12 Hay Hill in London

The new London-based contemporary art dealership was appointed to curate the display of artworks at Mayfair's sophisticated business club, in collaboration with fine art consultancy House of the Nobleman

18 December 2020

Studio Aisslinger creates a colourful new headquarters for LOQI

This flexible workplace in Berlin has been designed to engage and inspire creativity

17 December 2020

Various Associates designs sleek interior for a Shenzhen restaurant

Various Associates’ design for a Shenzhen organic restaurant uses shape and shade to provide a dark, sophisticated backdrop suitable for a cuisine focused on authenticity of taste

16 December 2020


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