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Friday, 21 February 2014 11:03

Insekt desk - Buisjes & Beugels

Buisjes-En-Beugels LWinner of the German Design Council Interior Award 2013, the Insekt desk from BB+++ is designed to mimic an insect, with the shape and positioning of its legs. The simple yet functional desk provides solutions for various needs; its clear, large work surface retains space by storing stationary and working materials in cubbyholes and a recessed groove with room for cable management. The Insekt desk is available in the bright colour combinations of olive green, sun yellow or grey, combined with white or birch.


Friday, 21 February 2014 10:38

OXYMORON desk - Anna Lotova

Anna-Lotova LThe OXYMORON desk by Anna Lotova is the result of an interaction between two contradictory materials that enhance each other and gain a new meaning. The concept was to create an object with minimal details that organises all the user’s belongings with no drawers, pen or book holders. OXYMORON is made using two layers of foam with an alcantara cloth placed between two ash plywood sheets to form a toolbox to store documents, objects and technical devices.


Friday, 21 February 2014 10:30


BDI LBDI designer Matthew Weatherly has created a striking and inviting place to work with FORMAT OFFICE. Engineered for today’s workplace, FORMAT’s design is elegant and modern. The collection includes a wood-topped desk, a mobile file pedestal and a versatile mobile credenza with storage space for a printer, hanging files and other supplies. With satin nickel-plated steel details, FORMAT is available in two finishes; a striking combination of natural walnut with satin white or a classic black stained oak.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013 09:01

Pinched desk - Sam Greig

Sam-GreigBThe Pinched desk by Sam Greig is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional wooden school desk. The design evolved from analysing redundant furniture forms and takes particular inspiration from the seamless appearance of Japanese puzzle boxes. The design gives the visual impression that the 9mm birch plywood desk body is a solid piece of wood, pinched within the American oak frame, thus disguising the storage within. The frame construction conceals both the hinge for the lid and the junction where the lid separates from the body of the desk, furthering the appearance of a seamless form.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013 14:52

The Co-operative Group - Staverton

StavertonBGStaverton’s award-winning CL bench has been installed in The Co-operative Group’s new Manchester head office. The bench was developed in collaboration with the company for all 2,800 employees at the site. The leg-mounted power distribution unit powers up to 10 desks from just one 32 amp feed and a simple design guarantees easy installation and greater flexibility. The bench’s clean lines follow the building’s strong design aesthetic and its versatility supports The Co-op’s activity-focused approach.


Monday, 18 February 2013 15:50

Government suppliers - Triumph

TriumphBTriumph has been reappointed as Government Suppliers, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of Triumph furniture into Government departments. A UK company and manufacturer of desking, seating, steel storage and accommodation furniture, Triumph has successfully completed over 100 projects for Government departments over the last four years. In addition to its manufacturing capability, Triumph has demonstrated its range of skills, including consultation and product selection, space planning and 3D walk-throughs, detailed project management, logistics and installation with after sales support.


Monday, 21 January 2013 15:33

RIMA - dreipuls

DreipulsBIGRIMA is a desk luminaire with an innovative control system from German manufacturer dreipuls. A total of 56 LEDs line up on the underside of a supported strip. Four rings can be slid back and forth across the LEDs to open, close, extend, reduce or move two different light areas. Like drawing curtain rings to control the level and direction of light in a room, RIMA can provide as much warm white light as required for specific tasks.


Thursday, 20 December 2012 09:43

Secret Desk

Polish designer Magdalena Tekieli has created a desk that hides secret compartments in bellows beneath the desktop, which are revealed by turning a wooden crank. Secret Desk uses a mechanism similar to a Jack-in-a-Box whereby turning a handle on the side of the desk slowly lowers the collection of small drawers into the bellows to be stored away, the top becoming flush with the tabletop. When in use, the drawers can be raised up to sit on the desktop, and there’s even more secret storage underneath the desk surface. The piece is beautifully made in oak with brass legs and a leather top and bellows, but it’s the video and not the pictures that do it justice. Watch the video below to see this mesmerising piece in action…


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Monday, 22 October 2012 11:38

Reception desk - Eborcraft

Eborcraft BIGGEROffice furniture manufacturer Eborcraft recently demonstrated how its units could be adapted to suit an unusually narrow footprint. Using a modular design of reception counter units, Eborcraft created a bespoke-looking reception desk with an asymmetric crescent-shaped counter top, tapering from 800mm to 150mm. The single-piece top has an unusual fanned radial design in walnut veneer, and the visual effect is heightened by contrasting the tops rich tones with a recessed counter front in white laminate with an aluminium laminate plinth. The counter was fitted with a colour-adjustable lighting feature under the desktop, enabling the reception area’s atmosphere to be changed accordingly.


Friday, 14 September 2012 09:01

Mono collection - Isomi

Isomi BIGIsomi’s Mono collection desks, designed by Paul Crofts, provide architects, interior designers and contractors with a unique furniture solution. The collection is modular at the point of specification, but entirely seamless at installation. Thanks to HI-MACS surfacing, the specified modules arrive on site as one invisibly fused piece, giving a highly durable and impact resistant finish. The pictured version features a custom-designed, folded aluminium light and ergonomic sign-in platforms.


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