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Friday, 21 February 2014 11:21

Evening event - Vorwerk Carpets

Vorwerk-Carpets LInternational companies Vorwerk Carpets and INVISTA’s Antron carpet fibre collaborated to host an evening for a range of selected guests, including respected architects and industry professionals. Guests were shown the full portfolio of carpets and ecologically conscious floorcoverings from Vorwerk, including the award winning Re/Cover. Alongside, Antron provided the first glimpse of its inspirational Global Colour Trend Forecast, showcasing the key colours, themes and materials set to be significant for 2014.


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Thursday, 05 December 2013 11:32

Cornet table lamp - Tse & Tse associees

Tse--Tse-associees BThe Cornet table lamp from Tse & Tse associees follows the wall, suspension and clip-on versions of the designer light into production. The lamp is available with either a matte or glazed porcelain shade, pictured, or a two-tone anodised aluminium shade in grey with black, orange, pink, red, turquoise or yellow highlights. The Cornet table lamp measures 42x23cm and features oiled plywood legs with a 3m transparent electric cord.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013 09:36

Resin flooring - Arturo Unique Flooring

Arturo-Unique-FloorsLThanks to the creative freedom of innovative resin flooring from Arturo Unique Flooring, floors can now be awash with pattern or colour while still being incredibly practical and exceptionally hardwearing. With a range of specialist resin floor finishes and complete systems to handle tasks from reception and workspace to public amenity, shop floor and beyond, Arturo Unique Flooring delivers an impeccable surface where design and colour truly shine through. Translating your inspiration at the Arturo Studio with lifelike 3D realisation, projects can be made to stand out, delivering creativity from some of the most talented artists of their generation.


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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 14:32

New identity - Antron carpet fibre

Antron-Carpet-Fibre may13INVISTA’s Antron carpet fibre has revealed a bold new identity and dialogue as it looks to make fibre matter in the minds of more architects and designers across the land. Closely associated with innovation in styling, patterns, textures and colours, as it is with long-term performance, the new identity reflects the brands current positioning. The new brand is appearing on Antron literature and in all communications immediately.


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Monday, 18 February 2013 15:55

50 Shades of Rackline - Rackline

RacklineBRackline has now added a unique and personal touch to its current portfolio of storage products including Quantum, Spin and Lowtrack. There are over 50 colours to choose from in the 50 Shades of Rackline range, including traditional options such as silver, black or white, bolder colours including rosé, deep orange and reseda green to liven up the office environment, and even prints such as Union Jack, pictured.


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Friday, 23 November 2012 11:22

DESSO AirMaster - Desso

Desso biggerCreative European carpet manufacturer Desso has introduced a further six colours to its DESSO AirMaster carpet tile collection, and two extra background colours to its Create Your Own DESSO AirMaster online application range. The DESSO AirMaster carpet is designed to reduce the amount of fine dust in the atmosphere and is now available in three warm, earthy backgrounds and three cool grey tones. The two additional colours added to the Create your Own DESSO AirMaster online application has resulted in the online platforms expansion to six million design possibilities.


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Friday, 14 September 2012 10:08

Curious vase - Mianne de Vries

Mianne-de-Vries BIGThe Curious vase by Mianne de Vries offers the user a choice: do you destroy the vase to find out what is inside, or do you always remain curious? The Curious vase consists of several vases within each other, with variants of two to four in each. Made from ceramics, there are three different vase forms and three different colours, green, grey and blue. Created to evoke emotions, these hand-made vases are built around each other and can only be exposed by breaking the vase surrounding them.


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Friday, 20 July 2012 10:29

Trestle range - Jennifer Newman Studio

Jennifer-Newman-Studio BIGJennifer Newman has launched her new Trestle range to add to the studio portfolio of versatile inside-outside tables and benches. Built from FSC ply and protected steel to withstand all weathers, the Trestle is also ideal for cafes, meeting rooms and creative studios. A standard size table is 180x90cm, however interior tables can be made up to 3 metres long. Colours can be specified to suit any individual design schemes.


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Anglepoise BIGThe Anglepoise Duo Giant suspension pendant is based on the Anglepoise Giant. At three times the size of a standard shade, it’s the largest pendant in the Anglepoise range. Available in alpine white with a red, white/black or lime green cable, features include a chromed shade ring and ceiling fixing and a wired suspension. Due to the stylistic design, the suspension pendant can be used to create exciting interior lighting schemes, either individually or with other lamps in the Anglepoise Duo range.


Monday, 19 March 2012 14:16

Quadrant - Antron Carpet Fibre

Antron-Quandrant bigAs part of the Antron CS1 series of co-ordinated products, each of the Balance range’s 12 colourways is matched to a plain shade from the Elements range. CS1 brings together a collection of four designs with Balance, Zone and Metro, each drawing from the 27-strong Elements colour palette for ground shades. The result is a collection that gives designers virtually limitless freedom. Antron Lumena carpet fibre is solution dyed for excellent colour retention. With hollow fibre shapes scattering light, dirt is less visible.


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