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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 10:25

Wishbone - Casala

Wishbone - Casala Casala’s newest table range, designed by Erik Munnikhof, is named Wishbone, after the little Y-shaped bone that traditionally brings good fortune. The modular Y-shaped support enables different geometric tabletop shapes to be used, from elliptical to oval or rectangular if this is your preference. There are 24 leg variations available, some of which can be specially fitted to slant outwards. Others are short, enabling Wishbone to be used as a coffee table. Perfect for living environments, conference areas, libraries, restaurant…
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 10:22

The Efeet collection - Dylan Kendall

The Efeet collection - Dylan Kendall The Efeet collection by social entrepreneur Dylan Kendall is the first of several new lines designed to make our homes happy places. Bowls, coffee sets and vases are whimsically perched on human feet, coming alive on our tables and counters. The Efeet bathroom collection however features a soap dish with four paws and a toothbrush cup with a row of teeth. Each item is available in white and produced in the USA. The vase is earthenware while the other designs…
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 10:02

MECHANIKA Supercone coat stand - INSILVIS

MECHANIKA Supercone coat stand - INSILVIS The MECHANIKA Supercone coat stand by INSILVIS takes its inspirational cue from the aesthetic of a mechanical object. Focusing on basic geometry, the circular base consists of a hydraulic flange, the vertical frame ensures its stability, and the four screws give full support to the conical end knobs. Designed by Massimiliano Pavon, the MECHANIKA Supercone is made from satin stainless steel with nickel-plated end knobs and can be used in the house or the office.
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 09:58

The REX chair - Impakta Les d.o.o.

The REX chair - Impakta Les d.o.o. The REX chair was originally designed by Slovenian designer and architect Niko Kralj in 1952. The chair’s minimalistic design and chameleon-like nature allows it to fit in anywhere, with every style; it is ergonomic and functional. With a lifespan of 60 years, REX was originally chosen for the design collection of the Museum of Modern Arts, New York. The REX KRALJ folding furniture collection also includes lounge chairs, rocking chairs, daybeds and tables.
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 09:54

Linea Flora - GLIAD

Linea Flora - GLIAD The Linea Flora from GLIAD is intended to restore dignity to wood, bringing the material back to its original lines and finding the freshness and vitality of nature. Designed by Giulio and Nicola Contin, Linea Flora is made from solid lime wood and recycled wood that has been painted. Ideal for any environment, from the entrance to the centre of a room, Linea Flora is unique in its form and solutions.
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 17:02


YANG - VENTRI Gary Morga, who designs contemporary lighting and furniture, founded Ventri in August 2009. One of his designs is YANG, a floor light with classic lines that is dimmable by means of a foot control. Offered in two different styles; Noir, which is shiny black with the tips of the top and bottom cones illuminated with a red and white light, and Ice, shiny white with cones that have white and blue tips. YANG is made out of metal and methacrylate,…
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 16:34

Climbing Tiger Teacup - LKK DESIGN

Climbing Tiger Teacup -  LKK DESIGN Live for now, the Climbing Tiger teacup from Shang Home, reflects the ideas behind Zen; often in life we are faced with situations with no way out, we cannot progress and often drag ourselves down with worries of the future. The Zen Master states “let’s have tea.” By drinking tea, we live in the moment, forget about our worries, indulge in the aromas of tea and come back to reality with a clear mind and soul. Shang Home was created…
Alphanumerical lounge - TABISSO CONTRACT FURNITURE Focusing on high-end typographic lounge furniture for the professional markets, TABISSO blends the boundaries of interior design and communication. The chairs represent all letters from A-Z and numbers 1-9, and the set of floor lamps cover more than 20 punctuation marks. They add a personal touch to both work environments and the home. All products are made-to-order from France and chairs are upholstered with fabric or leather in a wide choice of colours. The wooden shell and metal base come…
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 16:23

The Flower chair - PHILIPP ADUATZ

The Flower chair - PHILIPP ADUATZ The Flower chair by Philipp Aduatz is based on his previous design, the Singularity table, and developed as a continuation of its theme. The chair is inspired by the gravitational pull of a black hole. The most important aspect in the creation was the combination of a scientific approach to design and the suitability for daily use. Figuratively speaking, the Flower chair is made by bending one side of the Singularity table upwards, forming a chair. On the seat, the…
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 16:19

Origami screen - MIEMATSUBARA

Origami screen - MIEMATSUBARA Japan based designer and architect Mie Matsubara created the Origami screen using bonded cardboard. The inspiration for the Origami screen comes from the traditional Japanese movements in origami such as folding and unfolding. The screen works well when set up in front of a window so it functions as a blind; the change from 2D to 3D varies the amount of light let through the slit, as well as framing the landscape beyond it.
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