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Corridor - BDI

BDIBSolid walnut doors with a rich chocolate finish make Corridor a striking home theatre console. The louvered doors allow a speaker’s sound to pass out and infrared signal to pass in, creating problem-free storage space for multiple entertainment components. Corridor also includes adjustable shelves, a micro-edged glass top and black steel legs with optional fitted wheels. Removable back panels and integrated wire management make accessing and adjusting home theatre components easy.

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Michael-Tawadrous-bigThe Emotive Office System by Michael Tawadrous is versatile and customisable due to its removable shelves and drawers, which can be quickly packed up and transformed into a carry case. The shelves are designed to be practical as well as a way of putting a personal touch into the workplace; they can be used to display family photographs and other items.

Lifestylebazaar_may11_bigThe Ibride Secrets Les Dandy Bel Ami bookshelf at first looks like a mere painting, but like a safe, it masks a hidden alcove known only to the owner. Hidden behind the portraits are small shelves that have been designed to store your favourite books. The book cases are 112 x 60 cm and are available in three designs: Bel Ami, Dantes and Rodolphe printed on
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Thursday, 20 January 2011 16:56


Mueller-Moebelwerkstaetten_feb_bigKonnex is an innovative new slot-in system, aimed at people who enjoy constantly redesigning and organizing their surroundings. A basic set, comprising three modules in small, medium and large can be individually arranged to form a shelf unit. In addition, different numbers of basic sets can be added to form a unique shelf space - the comb-like slits are inserted into the side walls of another cube, to form a large shelving system. Konnex adapts to any space and situation.

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Thursday, 20 January 2011 16:31


Unleash-Studio_feb_bigLineweight is a piece of art that is part of the Linea Collection: Art becomes Furniture from Unleash Studio. The three vertical white panels represent paint lines, which lower down become shelves. The lines are made out of plexiglass, creating a surface to write and draw on with erasable dry markers. Paint rollers are stored at the bottom, serving as erasers. In between the shelves are different sized drawers for the storage of belongings, ranging from letter size paper, to markers, to CDs. Unleash Studio believes that art should be both functional and beautiful.

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010 11:20


PerformaThe Performascreen is a shelf system that is both functional and versatile. The system can be reconfigured to create different shapes, whether curved or straight and can be filled from both sides, which makes it ideal as partitioning. The segments can be joined to create larger systems or separated to become many units. The shelves are made of opaque, translucent glass, creating a light appearance and are connected by stainless steel ropes, to form waves or arcs.

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Monday, 07 December 2009 15:01

Landscape folding screen-PCM

PCMWhen creating PCM’s folding screens, Paloma Canizares was conscious of the sheer volume of furniture in workspaces. The Landscape folding screen is unique for its adaptable height and 9mm thickness, and as its name suggests has various heights creating a landscape. The Propeller folding screen allows the user to visually connect spaces and the Intercity screen has built-in shelves for organising office space. All the screens are foldable, have different functions and offer an array of solutions.

Thursday, 19 February 2009 10:35

Moving boxes shelving-LOUNGE

Moving boxes shelving, which is part of the City Collection, is ideal for storing magazines, files or paper-cases within its special dividers or holders. The location and amount of boxes can be specified by the client and can change the style by sliding along the shelving. The shelves are both functional and practical and made of mdf with oak and venge veneers.

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Thursday, 27 November 2008 14:20


MM, designed by Pau Roviras and Carlos Torrent for Spanish manufacturer Estoli, is a versatile storage system that consists of modules that adapt to any space and can be combined with desks. The modules are completed with doors, cases, containers, wheels and shelves and can be customised by combining panels with three different types of profiles. The MM is made of water resistant PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate with a satin finish) and aluminium fittings.

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Thursday, 06 March 2008 15:44


The OMNI unique collection of wall units from Peerless Designs Ltd are designed to provide flexible shelving solutions for commercial and residential interiors. The collection is manufactured from ultra fine stainless steel frames in four standard sizes and fitted with adjustable wood or glass shelves, and is also available as two freestanding floor units, which alongwith the wall units, can be fitted with rails and arms for use in retail.

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