French architecture firm Sériès et Sériès has designed an elegant extension to this Jean Prouvé office building in Vitrolles, France, for engineering group SETEC. Sitting perpendicular to the existing structure, which Prouvé designed in the 1970s, the new addition is wrapped in stretched archways that frame and shade the building’s large floor to ceiling windows. They also provide shelter for the walkway and outside space bordering the building on the ground floor, and according to the practice, visually emulate the effect of a pine forest canopy.

Sériès et Sériès intended for the structure’s minimal aesthetic to be complementary to the original architecture, taking inspiration from Prouvé’s functional and efficient approach to materials. The arches are made from white resin and the main structure is steel, while inside has an open plan layout, aiming to make the extension economical and flexible for other future uses.

The new addition to the building has provided space for 10 new offices and archives.


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Friday, 18 September 2009 10:43

D-zine arm-GOTESSONS

gotessionsGotessons D-zine arm is ergonomically ideal for the office but is also suitable for hotel rooms and public spaces and includes a wall mount for the home. The gaslift arm has six mounting options, which are easily adjustable to different situations and users, with a generous extension reach. It can also be mounted with accessories available for twin screens and all toolbars, and the screen switches from landscape to portrait.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2008 10:15

Old punks never die

So there you are, pootling along the streets of Battersea one morning, minding your own business, when suddenly a shock of flame-red hair shoots past you. What else, or who else, could it be but Vivienne Westwood on a bicycle?

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