Tuesday, 30 October 2012 10:11

Worktech 12 London

Worktech 12 London The ninth annual Worktech London conference takes place at the British Library on 14-15 November, exploring the convergence of technology, real estate and the workplace. A range of masterclasses on day one will cover topics such as Psychological Wellbeing at Work and Living Stages: What Can Workplaces Learn From Theatre Design? On day two, a programme of talks chaired by Jeremy Myerson of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, features keynote speakers Chris Waugh, director at IDEO, Cisco director Peter…
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:38

SCALE - Vorwerk Carpets

SCALE - Vorwerk Carpets Vibrant and striking SCALE carpet tiles from Vorwerk Carpets now cover the floors of Vineyard House, the flagship head office of Immediate Media Co, reflecting the dynamic nature of this fast-paced organisation and facilitating an exciting working environment. SCALE tiles are a mix of on-trend grey, black and bright pops of orange that complement the white gloss furniture and industrial-style exposed ceilings, providing a directional aesthetic which perfectly suits the creative and collaborative nature of the recently formed company. www.vorwerk-carpet.com
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:36

Fragments table - Tonelli Design

Fragments table - Tonelli Design The Fragments table from Tonelli Design contrasts the lightness of extra clear glass with the great stability guaranteed by the light inclination of its four legs. Wanting to generate the sensation of reassembled pieces of glass, the monolithic table has linear engravings under the tabletop and sides, creating the illusion that the table is a 3D fragment assembly, while the external surface is clean and smooth. www.tonellidesign.com
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:33

Orbit stool - snapp Design

Orbit stool - snapp Design snapp Design have created a stool that satisfies the habitual human act of movement and recurring motion, whilst managing to remain comfortable and encourage light reading. Based on a spinning top, designers of the Orbit stool Jonathan Fundudis and David Holgreaves used the fundamentals to create a tapered drum-like stool with a domed insert in the cushioning cork base, allowing it to rotate on its axis. By placing a thin cavity in the sidewall, a magazine compartment is also created,…
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:30

The Garden chair - RYBO

The Garden chair - RYBO Norwegian furniture manufacturer RYBO and designer Peter Opsvik have created a new edition of Stokke’s Garden chair, presented at 100% Norway, part of the London Design Festival, and appearing at Anders Olssen’s stand for Moment at ORGATEC. The difference between RYBO’s new version of the chair and Stokke’s original is that the individual branches continue down to the floor and separate into roots, rather than joining a central stand. The Garden chair is primarily intended for public spaces such as…
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:27

Moray Council - Rockfon

Moray Council - Rockfon Rockfon have worked closely with Moray Council on the conversion of a dilapidated supermarket into smart, new offices for their staff, with centralised services for the community. Accommodating up to 220 staff and visitors, the open plan offices were completed with Rockfon Eclipse ceiling islands, suspended underneath the exposed concrete soffits throughout the main office areas, and Rockfon Sonar Activity tiles directly fixed to the bulkheads in order to provide the necessary acoustic control. The Moray Council also specified compliance…
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:25

Outdoor shower - Oborain

Outdoor shower - Oborain Oborain introduces the first modern pre-fab outdoor shower, designed by company co-founders Kirsten Oxboel and Jim Lobley. The shower pairs a handcrafted enclosure with Hansgrohe/AXOR fixtures as one design package. Engineered specifically for ease of assembly, the shower sets up in less than thirty minutes and can be plumbed easily with garden hoses. The modern design allows for expansion to include a changing area or a second showerhead, while the natural materials mean the shower will complement any landscape from…
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:22

Wallcoverings - Muraspec

Wallcoverings - Muraspec Muraspec wallcoverings now come with a BRE Ecopoints score, determined by BRE Global. With a score of just 0.2 points per m², relative to the average European individual’s environmental impact of 100 Ecopoints per year, the wallcoverings are now available with an Environmental Product Declaration. This means Muraspec clients can earn further credits towards environmentally responsible fit-out schemes. The cradle-to-grave life cycle analysis examines 13 categories including carbon footprint, use of natural resources and waste disposal. www.muraspec.com
Monday, 22 October 2012 14:20

Globe Tree - Moment

Globe Tree - Moment Designed by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, and developed together with cooperative partner Moment, the Globe Concept was created to inspire curiosity and make sitting active, in both public spaces and offices. Globe Tree has a higher seating position to provide better outlook, reach and ergonomics, while the rounded seat and ball-shaped back support and footrest provide support and flexibility. The design fits most users without the need for complicated adjustments; you decide if you want the tables as a work…
Monday, 22 October 2012 13:53

Lii chair - Mesh Office Seating

Lii chair - Mesh Office Seating Mesh Office Seating introduce the versatile Lii chair in response to the conundrum of comfortable yet heavy and cumbersome conference chairs, and space saving, foldable alternatives that are notoriously uncomfortable. The versatile Lii chair is available as a comfortable, space saving guest chair and as a lightweight pull-up for the conference room, with cantilever or four-leg options. www.officechairs.co.uk
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